Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tame Valley Canal in 110

The Tame Valley Canal is the one i visit the most as it is near to my work so i can easily visit in my lunchtime. This is a photo taken using a Kodak Instamatic with 110 film. A nicely fuzzy and retro photo.

BCN Canal Map

For a personal challenge and because i love canals and the London tube map i decided to try and combine both interests by creating a BCN map in the style of a tube map. And here is the result, there are still some changes that need to be made i think, i'm not 100% sure the Main Line is correct with it's various branches and loops but we'll get there in the end. Please do not reproduce without permission et cetera.  

Click here to see the map - NEW VERSION 2.0!

Version 2.0 is a total redesign and also includes some more canals outside of the BCN.

Down the cut

A blog on canals in the west midlands. One of my favourite pasttimes is walking along the canals in Birmingham, there are more canals here than Venice you know, blah blah. I usually take a camera so most of this blog will be of my photography along the canal...

This canal is not yet officially "live" and is "under construction"...